About me - Alec Carmichael: Wiltshire-based Graphic designer

Photo of Alec Carmichael. Wiltshire based freelance graphic designer.

In the 20-plus years since I discovered Dpaint on a friend's Amiga 500 I've progressed through various incarnations of many design software packages. I'm not an Adobe snob...I use their CS5 suite, but not exclusively. I'll use anything to get the job done; CorelDraw, Xara, an appropriate Android app', MS Paint if necessary. Well...you don't judge the quality of your garage's work by their preferred brand of spanners :)

My repertoire has expanded to include web design, logo design, corporate branding, design for print, t-shirt design, CD design, content management, proof-reading. I've had directorial experience, been the company first-aider and Health and Safety representative, and have spent countless hours doing the donkey work as well as working on some frighteningly large design projects (as well as some rather quite small ones). I've been Nick Harper's designer since his 2004 album Bloodsongs. I also worked on five websites for German industrial music pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten, as well websites for Alexander Hacke and Danielle DePicciotto.

Web design has come a long way since my days at Shift F7 in Marlborough. I never was - and never shall be - a coder by any stretch of the imagination; but having worked very closely with some very good programmers I do know the subtle ins and outs of designing for the web. These days the emphasis is on fully responsive websites that work just as well on a smartphone and tablet as they do on a full-screen browser; the graphical part of that presents various new challenges!

Photo of Fal Carmichael. Graphic designer, Pewsey, Wiltshire

Since being made redundant in 2011 I've been working closely with a former work colleague and friend of mine, Paul Paradise. What he doesn't know about coding and the technical side of things isn't worth knowing really :) Between us we make a great team. We're not a partnership or a company, we just work together as and when we're both required. We have worked together on many different projects and are the designer and coder-of-choice of the American marketing company Bloomfield Marketing

It's not all design work though. Since my school days I've played bass and guitar in many bands, ranging from a Goth band in 80s Swindon through cover bands, serious bands gigging our own material around the country, a 13-piece ska band, acoustic duos and numerous guest appearances. I currently own "too many" guitars and a rather marvellous Jerry Jones electric sitar.



A lifelong Stranglers fan (that's me and Hugh Cornwell over there on the left :) ), my music collection ranges from Nick Drake, Al Bowlly and John Lee Hooker to Killing Joke, Einstürzende Neubauten and Half Man Half Biscuit, with a vast and ecelctic array of bands and artists inbetween!
Guitars aside, my life revolves around my family, mental springer spaniel Farley and 5 rescue cats. After 30 years of being vegetarian I went vegan in March 2010 and have never felt better, both physically and psychologically. This decision has impacted my work. Being freelance, I am now able to choose who I work with/for and awkward situations with employers who, for instance, think it's entirely ok to do business with one of the UKs largest animal testing laboratories never arise now :) This is covered in full on my "working-together" page.



H.G Wells, Bernard Cornwell, Philip Kerr, George MacDonald Fraser and John Wyndham (amongst many others) grace the bookshelves and barely a week goes by where I don't watch at least one episode of The Sweeney or Horrible Histories. I give regular donations to The RSPCA, The Blue Cross, IFAW and The WSPA and am a paid-up, card-carrying member of PeTA.

In 2011, following an Employment Tribunal (which I won) I went freelance. I work from home and have no office or business overheads. This being so I charge a very reasonable £35 an hour, instead of the usual £50 or £60 I've seen quoted by various other people in the same line of business. I'm also quite amenable to working out a flat rate for a job. I think the quality and diversity of my work
speaks for itself.

If you like what you see here and think I might be of some help to you, give me a shout :)

I am, currently, Alec Carmichael.

My friends call me Fal.