My CV - 1995 onwards



I spent about 10 years at a secret military establishment on Salisbury Plain. I can't tell you where exactly, not that it'd do you any good if I did as it's not marked on any maps and you can't see it from any roads. I can't tell you what I did there either; if I did I'd have to kill you...and then myself.

Anyway, suffice it to say that this top secret job at this top secret establishment had absolutely nothing to do with graphic design of any sort :) However, I can tell you that I have a small shrapnel scar, courtesy of The Royal Artillery ...and The Royal Logistics Corps very nearly blew my Morris Minor up. Twice.

< 1995 - 2001


Using my redundancy money from the MOD I started up a small web design company with a friend of mine. By the time it went into liquidation six years later - as a direct result of two very large companies not paying their very large bills - we had 5 directors and 30 employees. As Artistic Director at Shift-F7 my role primarily involved managing my team of designers and working on our larger corporate clients; a few of whom you may be familiar with:

Eagle Star International Life
Scudder Threadneedle
Sunlife of Canada
Zurich Investments
Financial Times
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
Royal International Air Tattoo
Swindon Borough Council

< 2001 - 2007


Whilst at Gopher Systems I worked on hundreds of website development and print projects. I not only worked on graphic design projects for our clients, but I was contracted out to work on website design projects for a large number of marketing & PR agencies, as well as other website design companies who had the skill to do the coding in-house, but no in-house graphic designer. The design budgets on all these projects ranged from just a few hours or days work, to spanning several years of ongoing development.

The Gopher Systems client base was very large, ranging from small local businesses to large national companies. Rather than give you a massive and boring list of companies you've never heard of I've compiled a list of the types of design projects I worked on:

< 2007 - 2009


Whilst at Wowi Digital I worked on a vast number of disparate projects ranging from corporate intranets (for the likes of Mobil 1) through to credit-crunch-inspired house competitions and a flash-based virtual march for Dr.Hadwen's Trust (the celebrity marchers I designed for this were so good, apparently, that Ricky Gervais used his for a long time on his website, and word got back to me that Brian May was very impressed with his!)

As well as the more usual web projects (of which there were lots) I also did a bit of basic video editing, a lot of corporate branding, some designs for large advertising hoardings and designed brochures, logos, letterheads, business cards and posters. Over the course of one weekend, I decorated the office from top to bottom and was also the company first aider, indoor gardener and health and safety officer.

In September 2009 I was made redundant.

2009 - 2011


Employment tribunal aside, I loved this job...mainly because we had no offices and everyone worked from home:) The hours weren't set in stone, I didn't have to take a half hour's leave to go to the bank, I could take my dog out for a walk in the middle of the day and I could work from anywhere, including (as I did one summer) a couple of weeks just north of Cognac in France :)

The work was very similar to before but with a lot more emphasis on web usability and accessibility.

In 2011 I took Spiracle Dot Net  - whose managing director was Chris Vass, currently the Managing Director and Owner at Spiracle Data Systems Ltd and Hot Creative Media Ltd - to an Industrial Tribunal in order to claim back the £14,811.94 owed to me by the company for unpaid wages and holiday. I was quite reluctant to do this as it was the perfect job for me: graphic design, working from home. I spent many months being paid sporadically, in dribs and drabs, in half-measures and – on occasion – not at all. You can only take excuses and loyalty so far, especially when you’re getting behind on your bills. An industrial tribunal seemed the only way to address the issue. Although I won the tribunal and was awarded the money, I never saw a penny of it. Ah well…onwards and upwards, eh?

You can read all about it here.

2011 - Current


Following my departure from Hot Creative Media I decided to go freelance. I am now a sole trader working from home. My client base is fairly small, but they all keep coming back to me. I must be doing something right! My website and word-of-mouth brings new customers and clients in and I’ve recently branched out into branding, populating and looking after Wordpress installations.

As an aside, since 2004 I’ve been Nick Harper’s artist of choice. I’ve done all the artwork for every album since Bloodsongs, as well as t-shirts, posters, DVDs and his three-album vinyl box set The Wilderness Years. Nicks’ website – – was also designed by me, back in the dim and distant days of fixed-width websites when mobile phones were the size of bricks. Although very dated in its technology, I’m glad that something has survived from those far-off early days!

I’m currently looking for more people to work with, be it in a full-time capacity, on a part-time basis, freelance or just one-off projects.


Thanks for getting this far :)