Over the years I've done tons of web work...a lot of which has been lost or forgotten (or deliberately deleted). This is just a small selection of "web stuff", ranging from unused visual concepts to fully completed websites. It's not in chronological order or anything...





www.thelongbarrow.org.uk You might have seen this site on the news and in various newspapers recently. The current site has php errors, thanks to a hosting upgrade.

Website design for American artist, musician and film maker Danielle DePicciotto.

Website for German musician and composer Alexander Hacke

Website for Rena's Promise

Website design and Wordpress installation/admin for Pewsey Preschool

The new design for Ntouch

Logo, banner and web design for Tim Daw's stonehenge.me site.

Website for Steve Marshall's excellent Essential Guide to Avebury book.

Website design for MO Training

Old design for Fizz Productions

Conceptual design for Epilog, a project that sadly never happened...

Website design for Kaikouda Beauty in Devizes

Tetley Tea Champions design

4Real drug and alcohol advice site

Elita Live. Online ice/figure-skating training.

Website design for the long-lost 60's psychedelic band Raspberry Parade.

One of the many websites I designed for Einstuerzende Neubauten.

Nick Harper's website...possibly my oldest design still being used!

Visual concept for Umicreate

Visuals for the Firebird Instant Hit Recognition website

Visual concept for Umicreate.

Visual concept for the Really Nice Motorcycle Shipping Company

Design for County Durham's Community Alcohol Service

Visual Concept for Cosy Solar

Internal CRM System Design

Learning Arc design

Design for the PGMS charity payroll site

ntouch Customer Service website

Joy Kelly Consulting website design

Layout idea for the Rockbase music catalogue system

Visual concept for Recyclable Displays


one of many house competition site designs

Wordpress install, theme rebrand, site structure, content population and SEO work for the Ansty Pick-Your-Own website.

and to finish...this is what my site used to look like.