Working Together

I work from home. I don't work normal office hours as such. Over the years I've learned that you can't switch creativity on at 9 a.m, the same as falsely switching it off at 5 p.m can, at times, be almost criminal. I go with the flow of it, so you might catch me at 2 in the afternoon on top of a hill with an acoustic guitar, the same as you might catch me at 9 on a Sunday evening up to my eyeballs in a 16-page CD insert booklet design :) My phone's on all the time and email is checked automatically throughout the day, so you'll still be able to get in contact with me during "normal" hours if I'm not actually sat at my desk doing anything! My varied working hours won't affect your deadlines though...unless your deadlines are ridiculously unrealistic of course ;)

My politics are like this beetroot leaf: green, with a pronounced red streak running through the middleWorking with me is pretty straightforward. We can discuss your requirements over the phone or via email and we can, if you'd like, meet in person to discuss them: either works for me. I have a long-standing relationship with Bloomfield Marketing in New York, but being based in Wiltshire, trips to various American clients of theirs would prove impractical! The work, however, gets done without the need of any face-to-face meetings and with a 5-hour time difference to contend with. I also have clients who like regular meetings to discuss stuff.

I charge £35 an hour, or £280 a day. A day, however, is usually longer than 8 hours so you may well end up with an hour or two extra thrown in if a project is billed in days rather than hours. I also tend to round down invoices, rather than rounding up. Also - being self-employed - I'm not VAT registered, so there's never any nasty 20% added on at the end! Invoices are usually sent at the end of a project or, in the cases where many little jobs are done over a long period of time, I'll just tot up the hours and send an invoice in at the end of the month. For larger projects I might ask for a percentage up-front although - as with everything - I'm pretty flexible about it. Terms are discussed rather than dictated!

One of the benefits of working for myself is that I no longer have to work around crises of conscience. I no longer have to weigh up my ethics against the fact that someone is employing me to do a job and, after losing an argument, I no longer have to compromise my beliefs for the sake of my job. As a vegan I have had disagreements and arguments with a couple of employers concerning work they've asked me to do: a local butcher, a pheasant-shooting estate and, even, a pitch for Huntingdon Life Sciences all spring to mind. As my own boss I can now choose which jobs I take on.

Rather than attempt to compile a huge list of people, companies, corporations, professions and organisations who I won't work with and whose ideals, ideas, philosophies, actions and politics are obviously at odds with mine, I'll leave it to you to judge if you think I'd be a suitable person to work with.

No matter how small or large a job is I always approach it with the knowledge that you've chosen me to do it. You have trusted me with your work and you're paying me. With that comes a responsibilty to do the job properly, to the best of my ability, on time and on budget with enthusiasm and interest. I can only do that if the job I've been asked to do isn't something I'm ethically opposed to.

If you're interested in working with me, please do get in touch :)