The Bottom of the Barrel

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We acquired this barrel in 1996. Its top layer was swimming with genius, promise and moments of utter brilliance. We discarded all that immediately though, and delved into the lower depths of mediocrity, from which we formed the very first Pants set. Since then we’ve got lower, dipping into an ever-decreasing sludge of detritus and embarrassment; the land-fill of song-writing.

And now – 25 years later –  it’s empty; scraped clean of every possible fragment of unsuitable material. It’s just sitting in Moose’s living room emitting a very faint smell of stale wee, and we need to get rid of it. Hence this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Comes with free scraper, face mask and tetanus shot.

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An entirely empty barrel. Useful for putting a barrel-sized object in…or something.

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Original Contents

Every song ever written ever

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Fuck all


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